More Trailer Scenes and Abstraction

Here are three new trailer scenes I just completed.

I’m now working simultaneously on two films: “The Saga of Rex” and “Dots, Lines and Patches”. I think the main reason why I decided to undertake another animated project while in production on “The Saga of Rex”, is because I feel really good about where I’m at with Rex―film and trailer.

The other project, “Dots, Lines and Patches” is a commission. I’ll essentially be creating an animated abstract visualization of an experimental/avant-garde piece of electronic noise composed in 1973 by composer, conductor, pianist and musicologist, Gheorghe Costinescu. Mr. Costinescu is producing a DVD retrospective of his long and illustrious composing career and, for this event, he’s commissioning me to create a film based on one of his piece. The nature of this project is very experimental and I certainly don’t expect it to be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure: I do love when projects like this come my way! For those who have an interest in this kind of work I do, have a look at the two videos below.


Theatrical Trailer Glimpse

The short is getting close to wrap. I’m doing much tweaking, as well as refining and embellishing a lot of the animation (I’ll go into that in a later posts). I’ve also began work on a one-minute trailer that I’m hoping will really make people excited about the possibility of a feature. I’ll be posting more scenes as I go, but for the moment, take a look at these 7 seconds of quick animated cuts from iconic scenes from the book. Hope you like them.

Smokey Iris Tutorial

The transition between the holographic projector activation and Rex suddenly appearing in a new landscape is achieved with a series of fade-ins and a smokey iris. In the video below, I’m explaining how the smokey iris effect is achieved.

This is the effect:

And this is how it’s done: