Holographic Projector Activation

Just a little heads up on where I’m at this week. I’m currently working on the scene where Rex’s bubble land on the Dream Globe Holographic Projector and activates it. The scene is fifteen seconds and will feature a wide range of animation techniques. I finished keying the animation for REX and I’m back in “Inbetweening Hell”, but anticipate being done with that part by Wednesday. Then, I will get to the effects which should be a lot of fun.

This week has been a bit difficult as I’ve also been working on a presentation I will be giving in Portland on Saturday. If anyone is in the area, you should come by. Click here for all the details.

Until the next post, I’ll leave you with the graphic novel panels that form the basis of the scene I’m currently doing. The whole thing will be treated as one single continuous shot.



One thought on “Holographic Projector Activation

  1. Looks like a heck of a tricky shot! I am looking forward to both the process and the final piece. Keep going you are a one man animation army 🙂

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