Into the Dream Globe

Just completed the sequence where Rex is carried inside the Dream Globe. Have a look!

And here’s a look at the original panels from the graphic novel which were the basis for the sequence.

This sequence uses a mix of animation techniques ranging from hand drawn, puppet tool, warping and matte reveals. My goal with this, was to convey a sense of scale and space. The last scene where Rex enters the inner part of the globe was a particular challenge. I’m sliding various elements against each other to create depth and an illusion of speed. Because everything is eyeballed, I have to keep playing with the ratios until satisfied. This can be quite maddening at times, but when everything starts feeling right, it’s pretty rewarding. It took a lot of effort for that last scene to sing, and it wasn’t until I added the pulsing lights (which were completely inspired by the temp music) that it all came together. This final touch is one of the reason I love working with a temp music track―ideas and ways to improve the scene will come to me from listening to the music. It also provides a rhythm for the cutting and animation beats.

As I was putting that last scene together, one of the thing that bugged me was the fact that the robotic sphere looked quite flat when the camera zoomed in. I didn’t want to build the thing in 3D but I did want to get some three dimensionality as the camera closed in. I raked my brain to find a solution to that problem and was happy to solve it in quite an unorthodox manner. Here’s a little video I made to explain how I went about it.


8 thoughts on “Into the Dream Globe

  1. Good trick indeed. Not sure about that : did you actually squeeze a little the big sphere of the third plan ? Or is it just x-translation that gives me that little perspective effect ?

  2. Loving your After Effects tricks so far! I don’t know if you’re aware, but if you highlight keyframes in AFX and press F9, it’ll ease in/out those keys for you. It’s a nice little shortcut.

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