Rex Meets Aven Completed

Here’s the “Rex Meets Aven” scene with all the colors and the effects added.

To give you some idea on how I proceed when approaching a scene like this, I created a series of work-in-progress videos.

The first thing I do is the “scene planning”. For this, I just use the raw artwork from the graphic novel and work out the camera moves and pacing of the scene (as well as the hook-up scenes), using the music as a guide. Here’s what it looks like at that stage.

From there, I quickly rough out the main character poses to get a good idea of how the animation will unfold. At this stage, it’s all very rough, but the ideas are starting to emerge.

Once I’m happy with the general flow of the scene, I tighten up the keys, flesh out the animation, add all the inbetweens and tone mattes. When refining the animation, I do my best to bring out the subtlety in the acting and infuse the characters with the illusion of life. I want them to be more than just lines―I want them to live, so I keep working at it until I feel like they are breathing and feeling (see the pencil test video from the previous post).

Once the characters are completely animated and painted, I add a few judisciously placed eye blinks. Then, I create the special effects. In this scenes, the effects includes: shadow under the Blossom (blue ball) and Aven; electrical effects in Rex’s bubble; transformation special effects; background bubbles and trails. Here’s a video of the transformation effects which was a combination of hand-drawn straight ahead animation, and a particles (the big burst).


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