Still Inbetweening…

I haven’t taken a day off since my last post―trying to finish the scene marathon style. I’m almost done with the inbetweens and should be able to move on to animating the tones, painting the characters and doing the effects next week. I might actually be able to wrap up the scene by the end of next week if I can keep this pace. As always, you guys we’ll get a look as soon as I have something showable. I’m also keeping my various animation tests as I go so that I can show the scene progression in an upcoming post. More in a week or so…



2 thoughts on “Still Inbetweening…

  1. I’ve been using the Pencil tool in Harmony lately for clean up. Its AWESOME. Pressure sensitive to get your thick and thins, and its still a single line vector…meaning its super easy to tweak a point to alter your line. You can delete points to trim up lines as well and it still maintains its stroke. Tucked away under the contour editor (white arrow) is the pencil editor which allows you to play with your line weight if needed. Love Harmony.

  2. Hmmm… I’ve been trying to affect this in Illustrator for some line work illustration, but it’s very clunky. I’m starting to think Harmony might be the solution for some old-fashioned illustration work as well.

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