Here are the three panels I just finished animating and compositing.

Transformations Initially I was thinking of doing a “quick cut” montage of the Blossoms transforming into their creature counterparts, but after listening to the temp music track over and over, I then visualized the whole thing as a single scene. This was a bit more difficult then I first anticipated since so many elements had to be combined and I wanted to retain a pleasing composition at all time. I had to orchestrate the various paralaxing elements while avoiding tangents. Tangents are created when the edges of two separate elements are rubbing against each other, resulting in an uncomfortable visual experience. I had to be very careful when planning the trail paths of the bubbles in the distant background to avoid this.

I also modified the rendering of the electricity on the surface of the sphere from what I had previously. After looking at the Dino Transform scene again, I felt that the electricity was too overpowering, so I adjusted the settings (a combination of blur, glow and transparency nodes). Here is the video of the final(?) scenes:

The “Transformations” scene is a combination of painted elements, hand drawn animation (magic), particle animation (magic bursts), matte animation (bubbles’ trails) and After Effects (Characters). Here’s a look at the magic level which was all hand drawn in Toon Boom. The animation was done straight ahead (no key frame) using my stylus and Cintiq.

I’ve been using the puppet tool a lot for the scenes where the characters are not moving very much and it has been a great time saving device that has allowed me to keep the characters alive with slight movements. However, for this particular scene, I wanted the beetle creature to slowly change perspective when it lowers into the frame. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to achieve this simply by using the puppet tool. Here’s the solution I came up with. First in Photoshop, I broke down the beetle in several separate parts as per the image below:

Beetle_PartsThen, I imported all these elements in After Effects and did this (watch video):


7 thoughts on “Transformations

  1. Great use of straight-ahead animation. Very, very fluid. I like the reduction on the lightening effect… not as distracting. I’m curious about frame rate. One thing I miss about some of the puppet warp and AE animation is it’s too smooth. I like the slight flicker of motion you get at 12 and 24 fps.

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