Saucers Unloading Cargo Final Scene

The “Unloading Cargo” shot, as well as the following scene (which I call, “Many Bubbles”) are now completed. I’m using the music temp track to help determine the lenght and pacing of the action. It’s very important for me to have a score in place before attempting any of the animation. The music really helps me visualize how things unfold.

To make sure the saucers didn’t look completely static when they come to their rest spot, I added a small up and down movement to simulate a kind of hovering effect. The sparkle effects are created with just a couple of drawings (a plain sparkle and a sparkle with a ring, as seen in the “Many Bubbles” shot) that I scale up and down and rotate over a ten frame period (see diagram).

The trail effect is created by moving down a gradient over the trail path. The gradient is matted out so it is only visible along the path (see diagram for more details).

Trail copy
I also hand animated some pixie dots in the foreground trails when the bubbles leave the ship. It’s hard to see but it adds a little bit of texture.

And now, here’s the scene in motion:

I now have six pages of the graphic novel completely animated. Here’s the next page I’m going to be tackling:



4 thoughts on “Saucers Unloading Cargo Final Scene

  1. The hovering effect was exactly what it needed. I thought that the first time I saw the shot and knew you would end up putting it in there. That perspective change on the green saucer really makes it though. Six pages complete in like a matter of 2 or 3 weeks, nice!

  2. It is such a pleasure to see this building up ! thanks !
    Your way of working based on a music is interesting. Are you going to use this music in the final film or will it be a guideline for an original composition ?

    • Right now, I’m thinking of this as a temp track to be replace by an original score. I have, however, licensed the rights to use that music in the final film in case I decide to.

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