Making a Planet Turn with 2D Animation

One of the main element in the scene I’m currently doing is the planet where the saucers are flying to. I wanted to create a slight rotation, instead of using a still painting. Here’s how I achieve the effect.

First, I create a series of layers in Photoshop as shown below.
Then, I import them in ToonBoom and performs some digital magic (see video).

And here’s the result fully rendered.


3 thoughts on “Making a Planet Turn with 2D Animation

  1. Your attention to detail always amazes me Michel. I thought you were going to approach it a different way but instead you did something out of the ordinary and to top it off the whole “pole” movement thing was quite cool.

  2. I love seeing how creative you are with your tools! It’s such a treat, and it really inspires me to give it a try myself. I was wondering through, why didn’t you just use the AE sphere trick you describe in the post about the flying saucers and the blossoms?

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