Welcome to the Saga of Rex Production Blog

Rex_Page_020dWell this is it. I’ve cleared my schedule and I’m now ready to dedicate my full attention to making The Saga of Rex: The Animated Film a reality.

In order to get the best possible quality for the videos, I will be using YouTube as a host and will embed them in the blog. The videos will be “unlisted” so that they do not appear on my channel and on searches. Please, respect the privacy of these videos by not sharing them. These are meant for this blog only.

For my first video, I wanted to show you my work space where I will be making the film. A lot of people have asked about my set up, so this will give you an idea.

Next, I need to figure out what will go into the short film. My thinking is that I will just keep things going exactly where I left off in the demo film, while removing most of the Guardian-Shepard subplot introduced at the beginning of the book and continuing through the first chapter. That part will be added back later when the long version of the film is done, but for the four minute short, I’m going to keep the story from Rex’s point of view as much as possible.

As you can see from page 26 of the graphic novel (posted above), the next scene I’m going to create is an inside shot of the flying saucer with its alien cargo. I’m not sure yet how this will transition from the previous scene but I’m imagining a cross-disolve or a fade-out/fade-in should work well.


24 thoughts on “Welcome to the Saga of Rex Production Blog

  1. Very nice! I’m so happy to see this up and running, and appreciate the walk-through of your space. Do you primarily work standing up? I know my mother, who’s a calligrapher, prefers to either work standing up, or leaning against a very high-seated chair.

  2. Thanks so much for making this blog so personal and detailed =) As a bit of an animation geek, I have always purchased animation films for their brief “Behind the Scenes” shorts or “Making of” features, but those always tend to focus too much on the voice actors and not enough on the animators themselves. It’s fascinating to see you have so many workstations, but I totally can see how that’d work for multiple operating systems and programs. Can’t wait to see what you show us next. Working standing up? I’ve never tried that before…maybe I should try it ^_^. =JJ=

  3. One PC runs Windows 7 and the other Win XP. Mind if I ask why you need two very similar operating systems? Old tools that aren’t happy in a Win7 environment? 🙂

  4. Hey Michel, the blog looks great! I’m excited!!

    I was wondering, is there a way to subscribe to this? Like maybe a newsletter so we get emails when there are new posts or something? I tried putting it into my Google Reader but it doesn’t recognize it because the blog is private. Thanks!!

  5. Off to a great start Michel! I thought I was the only loon who works on a standing station, my back problems disappeared when I made the switch a few years ago. Thanks for sharing your process so openly, looking forward to seeing you work on this short, congrats and all the best!

  6. It is wonderful to see the blog and all the hard work that goes behind the animation. I can’t wait to learn and read more. ^_^

  7. I’m excited to see your future developments here! Thanks for setting this up.
    Really cool workspace and very interesting to use a standing workstation. I’ve seen lots about the postural and health benefits they can have. And I always enjoy seeing the trees of Bellingham; it’s exciting to know you’re working away on this in the same city as me. Best of luck!

  8. Whoa. I see I’m several posts behind in your production blog as i just accepted the invite!

    Great looking blog set up with the BG and all!
    I’ll catch up with all the new posts but wanted to make my first here to express how I think it was a very good decision for you to skip the Guardian-Shepard subplot. I didn’t read the graphic novel yet – but for the animation, starting the story so it remain in Rex’s point-of view keeps the mystery behind why he’s being abducted. That’s a great way to refine it from the novel and captivating the audience by constantly focusing on what Rex will go through next, which I feel is the whole drive for the film.

    Although the subplot is fine for the novel, sounds like you were planning to include it in the film at some point. Let me just say IMHO I don’t think you’ll need it at all for the film. Concerning the Guardian-Shepard, I don’t know how much screen time it will take up but I’m not interested in knowing the Shepard’s plans as I don’t think Rex would either. I’m only interested in what he does directly to Rex.
    With the removal of the unnecessary subplot at present, I would much rather see more of the finished film about Rex that’s not included in the novel than to have the Guardian-Shepard subplot taking up space in the film which is already in the novel. I hope this makes sense because I really care most about what happens to Rex and much less the Guardian to even not at all.
    Needed to get that off my chest. Not to create an experience for you – I know this blog is only about the film’s production and not pre-production, so I’ll not be so opinionated in future posts as I have here. I really do appreciate you sharing with all of us.
    Anyhow, I’m so looking forward to how the final film will turn out! Very exciting!

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